I’m Nurse Emily one of the kinky practitioners that you’ll have the opportunity to see here at the clinic.  I’m new to the clinic though I’m by no means new to kink.  But this does mean that you’ll get to see me in many first time exams and procedures with my patients.  I love the opportunity that Deviants clinic gives me to explore every possible kinky medical procedure pushing my limits as well as those of my patient’s.  The mental exploration is as exciting to me as the physical activities.  Delving deep into the fears and secret desires of my patient is a serious turn-on especially when I can find their limit and gpush them past it into new territories.

Feel free to explore my appointment blog posts.  In them I share my thoughts and feelings from each appointment since here at Deviants Clinic there is very little confidentiality for our patients.  I’m happy to let you know exactly what I was thinking and what I felt when I performed each procedure on my patient. 

In addition to video clips of my appointments hosted on our Clips4sale store I will also be posting clips and photos of some of my behind the scene fun here at the clinic.



Hi there!  I’m nurse Roxy and I hope you enjoy my blog posts and video clips.  Kink is very much a part of my life and I love that I will be able to share my passion with my patients as well with you the viewer.  I enjoy having my patient bound to the table, naked and helpless.  I revel in their embarrassment as I explore their body causing it pain and forcing them to experience humiliating sensations.  Seeing their body react, hearing them gasp and groan in response is exciting and stimulating to me (to say the least).  I also like those moments between pain, fear and humiliation where I can make them feel good, arouse their body and mind before I suddenly pull those sensations away and slip them back down into pain and humiliation.

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Always enjoy responsibily.