Penis Pump Procedure

Sometimes I wonder what to wear during my appointments.  Especially when I usually end up blindfolding my patient.  But then again they always start out with taking off their clothes and while doing so they are watching me or perhaps looking away in embarrassment.  Certainly long enough for them to get a glimpse of my sexy curves as I put them into darkness and or when my hands are exploring their body.

Once the patient is naked every appointment starts with getting them properly positioned on the exam table.  For patient 17 that means a hood, blindfold and often a gas mask which I attach to an oxygen hose.  To finish up I put his head in a brace immobilizing him.  The overhead monitor lit up with patient 17’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation as I attached the sensor to his fingertip.  Between the twitches of his massive body, the sounds of his voice escaping the gasmask and finally the overhead display of his pulse I have plenty of information to work with as I poke and prod him.

The last bit of positioning was lifting his large legs up into the surgical stirrups on either side of the exam table.  Once in place I strapped his feet in leaving his legs spread offering a complete view of his genitals though I couldn’t see his anus unless I pushed aside the excess flesh of his buttocks.

Stretched out on the exam table, head encased and immobilized, air rushing into the gas mask and legs spread wide in the stirrups presents a wonderful visual even with all his fat.

Settling down on a stool positioned at the end of the table positioned between his legs I realized I really needed to shave his hairy groin but that would have to wait as I had other plans for today.  First up I wanted to double check my measurements of his penis.  A soft groan escaped the gasmask as the sharp edge of the metal ruler pushed deep into the fat of his groin as I attempted to get as much length as possible from his flaccid penis.  The final result was 4.5 inches.  Granted I was pressing pretty hard so I’m being generous.  That length would never make it into a woman’s opening considering how much fat I was pushing past.  But I wanted to get the best possible measurement before proceeding.

Now that we had a base measurement I took the plastic tube for the penis pump, added some lubricant to the open end and placed it over his small flaccid cock.  Next up attaching the hand pump to the tube so that I could slowly pump the air out.  And look at that!  Watch that little cock start to grow…a few more pumps…a little larger…more pumps again and there we go.  As his cock grew in the tube he was also getting excited which might be adding some length.

Due to his size patient 17’s pulse usually runs a little high at around 90 to 100 bpm but as you can see during the pumping procedure it jumps up quite high to over 114 per minute.  His heart is racing and if I had to guess it is from a combination of excitement and embarrassment as I play with his flaccid penis commenting on the size while also “pumping it up”.

I love the visual in the clip of his erect and engorged cock bouncing up as I remove the tube.  And the final result?  5.5 inches!  I wondered if I could get another inch out of him if I gave him a hand job to get it fully erect.  Maybe?  Perhaps something to try during the next appointment.

If you’d like to purchase the appointment video clip here is the LINK.  And of course some pictures from the appointment as well for your viewing pleasure.

Stretching patient 17's tiny cock for measurement.

Stretching patient 17’s tiny cock for measurement.

Pressing the ruler into patient 17's groin to get the most out of his flaccid penis.

Pressing the ruler into patient 17’s groin to get the most out of his flaccid penis.

Overhead view of patient 17 strapped in as I prepare to pump his tiny penis.

Overhead view of patient 17 strapped in as I prepare to pump his tiny penis.

Pump up patient 17's penis let's see what we get!

Pump up patient 17’s penis let’s see what we get!

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