My Patient’s Orgasm and My Contemplation

As my first appointment with patient 17 reached its close I found myself contemplating him and our future appointments. I have a few patients that I see on a regular basis but no one like him. Not to mention my appointments with patient 17 were being filmed and made available for the world to see and contemplate for themselves.

Doing these appointments means exposing not just my body to the world but my own desires and pleasures that I experience in doing these things to my patients. I’m fine with the world seeing me naked, I love my body and enjoy what I can do with it. But this also means letting the world see that I enjoy (and even become aroused by) humiliating, punishing, abusing and causing pain to this morbidly obese man with a small penis. And yes I realize that many others enjoy this as well (personally and professionally).

Granted it takes consent from him as well. The only privacy he is allowed is the hood but the rest of his massive body is on display for all to witness, ridicule and even relate to. Looking over what he has been put through so far I know that some of the procedures are activities he is aroused by whether he could admit it himself or not. I also know that many of the procedures are things he hated or was repulsed to experience but that it was up to Emily and myself to push him carefully into those spaces. He could always “tap out” but he wants to please us, wants to arouse US in what way he could. Wants us to desire him in this non-traditional dark way.

Watching what nurse Emily has accomplished so far with patient 17 the most powerful moments are when he cries out his darkest desires. Some would call them perverted, filthy or humiliating but isn’t that what we’re here to revel in? Those cries of desire are often followed by cries of acceptance and admission. Vocalizing how he sees himself or how he feels other see him. Some would call this a catharsis. I know that he does not want the world to see his body let alone his small penis. He actually is not an exhibitionist but it is part of his agreement with Deviants Clinic. He prefers to be privately humiliated and witnessed only by his nurse.

But this was the agreement and I want to push myself into new places. I want you the viewer to see me and see what I do to my patient. Which type of viewer are you? Do you want to be me the nurse humiliating and punishing patient 17? Or do you wish you were patient 17? Strapped down naked to the exam table while I do painful and humiliating things to you?

Patient 17 handled my first appointment with him quite well. I know he is deeply humiliated being so exposed to another strange nurse. I know he looked at my body and wished he could touch me, taste me not to mention fuck me I’m sure. And I know he would do and accept any number of humiliating, degrading and painful procedures from my hands with the hope that those same hands would be used to bring him pleasure. I know he would listen to my cruel words as I told him what I saw when I looked at him, told him what felt when I touched him. I was touch him mentally as well as physically.

Considering his performance so far with me I would end this appointment with a friendlier touch even though at the same time I would remind him of how small he was, that his dick would never penetrate me, could never. But as my gloved and lubricated hands wrapped around his tiny shaft that didn’t stop him from getting hard and begging me to make him cum over his fat belly. And in truth as I watched his white semen shoot out I felt my own wetness between my legs.

As you can see in the photos below I took off my nurse’s coat at the end of the appointment. The procedures had made me quite warm to say the least. No luck for patient 17 though as the lens in the gas mask are blacked out not that he would be able to see me over his bulging belly.

Enjoy the photos and I hope you enjoy the full clip here.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

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