Nurse Roxy’s First Urethral Sounding & Catheter

Up until now nurse Roxy has never had the opportunity to use a urethral sound on a patient nor the chance to place a catheter. So, I was doubly pleased not only for the chance to walk her through the procedures but to also capture her first time on video.

As appropriate for most procedures patient 17 was stretched out naked on the exam table with his legs strapped into the stirrups. His hood and gas mask were in place, the sound of his air feed a calming background noise as its coolness washed over his hidden face.

For any procedure that will penetrate the penis I always start with cleansing the patient’s groin with anti-bacterial wipes. And as for any procedure we are already gloved up. Once our patient’s groin was clean a dollop of lubricant was placed on his penis signaling nurse Roxy she could begin lowering the slender metal rod down into his urethra.

I grasped our patient’s small penis in one hand holding his shaft steady as nurse Roxy let the weight of the steel rod slide down into his urethra. While the movement of the rod is slow, the sensation is intense for the patient as he feels it slide into his body stretching his hole in a way urine never could. Encouraging nurse Roxy to explore she alternated pulling the rod out and pushing it gently back down his shaft. As the rod delved deeper the patient would occasionally gasp through his mask and his body would briefly quiver from the pressure.

Nurse Roxy slipped out the straight steel rod so I could hand her the longer curved rod its shaft lined with spheres. Slightly thicker and due to each sphere the pressure of it slipping down his tight hole caused groans to escape the patient’s hidden mouth.

There is a wonderful POV of nurse Roxy holding his slightly swollen penis in one hand while the other encourages the last few inches of the rod to press further down inside.

With his urethra stretched (and somewhat abused) it was time to drain his bladder. I unwrapped a sterile catheter handing the insertion time to nurse Roxy for her to start sliding down his pee hole. While not hard metal the catheter will delve deeper pressing past the bladder muscles holding back the patient’s urine. As the rubber shaft pressed past that final barrier he groaned from the intense ache quickly paralleled by his warm yellow fluid flowing from the open end of the catheter into a waiting beaker.

Close POV lets you see the fluid flowing out of the tube to gather in the bottom of the glass container. Apparently, our patient was not well hydrated as there wasn’t much fluid to retrieve. We might have to do something about that later in the appointment. Once his bladder appeared drained nurse Roxy began the process of withdrawing the long rubber shaft. As the rubber slipped up his urethra the pressure shifted, the ache of stretched and expanded muscles releasing triggering a relieved sounding groan from our patient.

A few close-up photos below along with the entire clip of the procedures located here.

A close up of nurse Roxy slipping a challenging sound down into our patient's urethra

A close up of nurse Roxy slipping a challenging sound down into our patient’s urethra

Pulling the catheter from the patient's bladder

Pulling the catheter from the patient’s bladder

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