Introduction to Patient 17

Welcome to my first post here at Deviants Clinic! This post won’t link to any video clips as the first appointment with patient 17 wasn’t really about capturing any exciting procedural footage. The purpose of the appointment and this post is to introduce you to the basics regarding the patient and what you should look forward to in later posts and the associated videos. While I have several patients this particular one (patient 17) was the only one that I was able to convince to allow filming during his appointments.

For off I should introduce myself. My name is Emily Scotte (or nurse Emily) for those that I see professionally. There is a bit more about me on my profile page but suffice it to say I’m very kinky, have a passion for medical fetishes and am incredibly excited to film my appointments and share them with you.

So let’s take a look at patient 17. The only privacy we have granted the patient is that he will be identified by a number (17) and that we will never show his face. But he will have no other privacy and will be fully exposed to the cameras.

Patient 17 stands naked and exposed.

Side view of patient 17 standing naked.

Patient 17 is in his early 40’s, stands five feet ten inches tall (5’ 10”) and as you can see in these photos he is morbidly obese weighing in at over 400 pounds. The scale at the clinic tops out at 400 so until we upgrade it I can’t provide a more accurate weight. Regardless of his exact weight patient 17 is past the point of being “overweight” and well into the classification obesity. I’ve only worked with a few patients and patient 17 is my first obese client. I don’t need to be attracted to my patients for me to enjoy myself and certainly not to administer any number of kinky, painful and humiliating procedures but I will admit patient 17’s massive body is a visually challenging for me. But I’ll use my feelings about his obesity to take both of us deeper, into new places physically and mentally. Someone of his size is bound to have many “triggers” that should be ripe for exploitation during our appointments.


Due to his obesity patient 17’s penis is fairly small making it hard to determine its “normal” size. But taking into account his obesity and cock size I’m doubt he is capable of intercourse.

This being our first appointment I have to guess at what kinks might be a good fit for him and how they align with my own though that certainly does not always matter. Looking at him I know I want to find the right physical and emotional triggers to illicit embarrassment and humiliation which I’m fairly certainly will be related to his physical size (body and cock). I’m also curious to see what sort of activities will trigger his arousal since I don’t believe he is getting much in the way of traditional intimacy. What kinks get him off? Is he aware of them or are they hidden yet to be brought into the light of day? What kinks does he fear? What desires does he harbor but won’t let the world know?

All things that will be fun to delve into and explore with this new patient. Look for all the adventures in the upcoming posts and videos! Meantime here is a picture of the exam room where you will be seeing me in action with patient 17 in the coming days, weeks and months.

The clinic exam room with hydraulic exam table, medical stirrups, overhead monitor, fucking machine and a large selection of instruments in the background.

The clinic exam room with hydraulic exam table, medical stirrups, overhead monitor, fucking machine and a large selection of instruments in the background.

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