Genital Shaving

After spending some time poking and prodding patient 17’s genitals I decided I wanted to shave him bare.  I thought perhaps removing some of his pubic hair would make his tiny cock look a bit bigger.  It didn’t help much but it was fun to see his penis react to my gentle tugging and shifting of it as I scraped away his pubic hair.  Strokes with the razor around his genitals, down his shaft and over his scrotum left him bare except for a patch at the very top.

The clip turned out pretty well with the different camera angles from a broad view of him on the table to up close showing me shaving his pubes and playing with his small cock.  You can purchase the clip here.

I love the shot at the end where you see his semi-erect penis arch up a bit after the attention has stopped as if begging for more.

Shaving his pubes didn't help much but it was fun.

Shaving his pubes didn’t help much but it was fun.

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