Extreme Anal Abuse

Moving past the enlightening groin exam, I found myself having to get somewhat creative to gain access to my patient’s tight asshole. The mass of his buttocks kept his anus hidden from sight let alone any idea of access for my procedures. After attaching strips of duct tape to themselves, I stuck them my patient’s fleshy ass cheeks spreading them to the sides to fully examine my prize without the mass of fat in my way.
Once I had a good view of his exposed hole, I could get to work. Having the freedom to use both of my hands I found myself spending an extra-long time testing just how much I could stretch and abuse that previously tight sphincter.

Using my fingers to start the process of loosening his hole I soon moved to a stainless steel anal probe with consecutively larger spheres. In moments, I went from careful insertion to plunging the probe faster and faster as his body quivered and gasps (perhaps pain or maybe pleasure?) escaped from the gas mask covering my patient’s face. The sucking sound of the probe is both arousing and disgusting as its slick surface slides through his anus.

Several dozen thrusts later I found myself obsessed with stretching him farther and being sure those gasps were more from pain than pleasure. A larger metal probe was selected the spheres along its shaft more than twice the size of the previous probe. As this new probe pushed past his tight brown ring his covered head jerked back and he cried out though before long this probe too was plunging faster, each sphere popping past his weakening muscles.

Another probe was selected, plunged past exhausted muscles, his body now quivering and his breathing coming in short gasps when I moved to the “fuck baton”. A heavy black dildo over 10 inches in length and almost as wide as my wrist was now resting its tip against his abused asshole. I felt myself pushing forward, felt his hole resisting, almost begging me to retreat from this invasion of his dark filthy cavity. I was not going to retreat, as the probe started to slide in he begged me to hold his hand knowing this wasn’t going to stop. I reached out and grasped his hand but didn’t slow down, instead I sped up, the baton plunging past his surrender hole deep into his cavity repeatedly as he both begged for it and ached for it to end.

The photos from the session are insightful and intense as I look back on the appointment. The one showing his immense buttocks stretched to the side with duct tape to expose his asshole is so telling of his obesity.
This was my most intense moment with him so far. I hope you’ll enjoy the full clip here.

Duct tape is used to pull aside my patient's fat buttocks.

Duct tape is used to pull aside my patient’s fat buttocks.

With his asshole exposed I'm ready to plunge this heavy stainless probe deep inside him.

With his asshole exposed I’m ready to plunge this heavy stainless probe deep inside him.

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