Duo of Nurses Beating Patient’s Massive Ass

While I have spent time with nurse Roxy this was our first filmed duo. Prior to the duo nurse Roxy had a few solo appointments with patient 17 but we had not had a chance to debrief regarding her thoughts on him. Nurse Roxy had taken quite a bit of enjoyment in beating our patient’s grossly fat belly in one of her appointments so we decided to continue that theme. We started off with him kneeling spread legged on the table with his massive ass visible for all.

I’ve seen this angle of my patient many times but it was a first for nurse Roxy. She is clearly continuing to process just how morbidly obese our patient is. It is one thing to see someone fully clothed in passing who is of this size. But it is something totally different to see them completely naked and exposed in this manner when they are so obese.

Patient 17’s massive body is stretched out on the exam table face down with his legs spread and hanging off the edge. Heavy rubber restraint straps hold him down while his arms are stretched towards the top of the table and chained in place. As with most appointments he is hooded and wearing a gas mask.

He is a whale held in place, exposed, surrendered and at our mercy. The many camera angles let you appreciate his immensity and nakedness. While I am disgusted on some levels I am also aroused by what my patient’s obesity allows me to do to him both physically and mentally. I think nurse Roxy is discovering this for herself as well.

I decided to kick things off by selecting the small leather paddle that allows me to caress him with its soft side and beat him with the hard leather side. Each impact causes his flesh to burst forward against his body before settling back in place ready to be beaten again. It’s not long before Roxy is ready to take the paddle for herself and explore her patient in this new position. You can see her eyes roaming across his exposed buttocks as she strikes multiple times each blow echoing through his body.

Soon enough the heavy rubber slapper is brought out and applied to the patient’s buttocks. The sensation in my hand is very different than the paddle. The way the rubber flexes forward as I swing it and the sense of the impact moving up my arm as it smashes into his fat. The ripples through his body and the muffled gasps escaping from his hidden face are also different and greater with intensity.

We end with the rubber baton. The strikes to his buttocks the most intense of the appointment, hard enough to not only shift his entire body but to briefly tilt the table ever so slightly forward. Each blow jars up my arm while its impact explodes across his massive buttocks. Nurse Roxy appears to enjoy this instrument the most as she goes so far as to attempt several swings using both arms to bring immense force into her strike.

The camera angles, the views and intensity captured on this clip are amazing.

Here are a few fun photos from the appointment along with the full clip here.

Nurse Roxy swinging the baton smashing the patient's ass.

Nurse Roxy swinging the baton smashing the patient’s ass.

The impact of the rubber slapper across the patient's buttocks is captured in this shot.

The impact of the rubber slapper across the patient’s buttocks is captured in this shot.

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