CBT Stretching

Having stretched patient 17’s penis out (even if temporarily) I decided it would be fun to now stretch something else in this case his scrotum.    Leaving him in place with head enclosed and braced along with his legs spread and strapped in I attached a leather parachute to his scrotum.

It took a bit of effort but I managed to snap the parachute in place around his testicles which I then attached to a wire pulley setup hanging from the ceiling.  With that in place I started to add weights to the wire.  The photos in this post give a lovely view of his balls being stretched and turning purple.  Not to mention the video clip which gives a far better view of all the action.

As the tension increased along the wire the parachute pulling tighter on his scrotum patient 17 groaned and his body squirmed on the exam table attempting to escape the constant pull.  I couldn’t resist adding to the fun by taking a sharp probe and poking at the now taught flesh of his balls.  With each poke his body jerked slightly.  With seven small lead weights in place his testicles are wonderfully stretched skywards bulging from within the leather parachute wrapped tightly around his sack.  More poking and prodding ensued along with the occasional drag across his flesh.  Just running my gloved hands over his stretched sack brought shivers to his fat body as more groans carried through the exam room.

At the height of the stretch you can look in the upper right corner of the screen and see his heart rate spiking past 115 beats.

Eventually I set him free and massaged his tormented scrotum a bit before allowing him escape the clinic.  Enjoy the preview images and here is a LINK to purchase the entire appointment video multiple camera angles and all.

Getting the leather parachute in place around patient 17's scrotum.

Getting the leather parachute in place around patient 17’s scrotum.

Starting the stretch on patient 17's balls.

Starting the stretch on patient 17’s balls.

Patient 17's balls turn purple as the stretch increases and I give them some pokes.

Patient 17’s balls turn purple as the stretch increases and I give them some pokes.

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