CBT Sharp Probes and Clothespins

I decided to continue making patient 17’s small cock the focus of his third appointment.  His large legs strapped into the stirrups spread wide offering me easy access to the tiny penis and fleshy scrotum.  Sitting there getting ready to explore his sensitive bits I gazed up realizing for the first time if I sat too low on the stool I couldn’t see his gasmask clad face over the huge bulge of his belly.  But then again it’s not like I could see his face so the groans and gasps that escaped from the behind the mask were plenty too guide me.  Not to mention the twitches and struggles of his naked body.

The instruments with involved with today’s procedure are simple enough; a sharp metal pin wheel and some dental “probes”.  Grasping his tiny penis between two fingers I start running the pinwheel along its short length pressing the spikes into his soft skin.  As I move the pinwheel around he lets out groans and arches his head slightly against the head brace.  His groans increase in volume and his body struggles against the stirrups as I run the pinwheel over the head of his tiny organ.  Not wanting all the attention on his penis I let the pinwheel roam over his scrotal skin as well at times stretching it tight so the pins could dig deeper.

Eventually I switched out the pinwheel for a curved dental probe alternating between pressing it into the lose skin of his shaft to dragging the sharp point along the skin around the base of his cock and along his scrotum.  For all the pain he is in there is that part of him that is still excited from the touch of my fingers as evidenced by the tiny dribble of pre-cum dripping from his penis.  Switching to a straight probe I explore a bit more before taking things up a notch and start applying small metal clothespins to his cock.  These metal devils are quite intense as evidenced by his almost constant groans and gasps as he struggles to control himself.  As his body shifts and twitches trying to escape the pain I enjoy reminding him this is all he is good for with such a small sad little dick.  With four clothespins in place you can hear him gasping faster and on the edge of tears especially as I start to release his penis from being punished each metal devil coming off and letting the blood rush back in to his tortured member.

The video clip offers some wonderful close-ups which you can purchase here plus there are a few snapshots below to tease yourself with.  Enjoy!

Getting ready to start probing my patient's tiny penis.

Getting ready to start probing my patient’s tiny penis.

Tiny clothespins for a tiny penis.

Tiny clothespins for a tiny penis.

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