First CBT with My New Patient

If I hadn’t paid so much attention to my patient’s belly during the last procedure, I might have overlooked the tiny prick almost entirely hidden by the fat of his groin. Something tells me that patients like this will eventually become typical for me but this level of obesity is beyond what I was expecting previously.

To keep his body from hiding the small dick from me during this procedure and to keep myself from having to touch it more often than I need needed to, I used a crushing clamp. It held the little organ in place with the added bonus of being more easy to manipulate.

I took my time exploring his responsiveness using forceps and an especially sharp dental probe to poke at his shaft and small head. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the patient was enjoying my prodding with the way that he swelled in the clamp. I enjoyed seeing his response to the pain but I also wanted to remind him of how small his organ was.

The photos below are fun shots from the session.  I like how the clamp pressed into the fat of his groin shows off that he dick might be almost average in size if you can get past the fat.  The camera peeking over my shoulder is a great angle with his semi-erect prick clamped and grasped in my forceps with his belly bulging in the background.  The overhead shot is somehow more intense…perhaps because of how it also highlights his obesity the sagging fat of his buttocks and thighs surrounding his groin as I grasp and pull at his dick.

I hope you’ll take the time to download the full clip here.

My patient's tiny prick clamped and trapped in my forceps.

My patient’s tiny prick clamped and trapped in my forceps.

May patient's tiny dick surrounded by his sagging flesh.

May patient’s tiny dick surrounded by his sagging flesh.


Belly Exam and Punishment

After examining Patient 17’s “male breasts” I found myself moving on to what is, without a doubt, the most prominent part of our obese patient: His fat overhanging belly. I started with some verbal initiative (abuse?) to hopefully penetrate his brain about how disgustingly obese he is. With such a fat body, I can’t imagine him ever being able to have any kind of physical intimacy especially when I looked over that belly bulge to see how tiny his prick was.

I realized that he would need a strong reminder of how horribly fat he is and decided that a series of electric shocks may begin to drive the point home. He twitched in pain with every jolt and I felt a rush of excitement seeing his fat belly quiver and shake with each touch of the prod.

To make sure that he remembered our session today and to drive home my words of disgust I picked out a leather paddle and heavy rubber slapper to increase the painful stimulation on his sizable belly in a way that would remind him every time he moved after the appointment.

I know from nurse Emily that patient 17 had experienced these devices used on his buttocks but never his belly. Each impact brought deep groans of pain from him. I paid close attention to his shaking belly and applied as many hard slaps as I felt he could handle through his humiliating layer of fat. This is the only way we’ll make any progress with an obesity case as difficult as his.

Wow this guy is obese!

A few photos below and the entire clip is here.

The heavy slapped smashes into his obese belly

The heavy slapped smashes into his obese belly

Trying to get the shock prod under that hanging belly

Trying to get the shock prod under that hanging belly

Hands on with my new patient for the first time!

I had never expected to have such a large and intriguing first patient. Nurse Emily has introduced me to working with actual patients already but there wasn’t anything that could have prepared me for such an immense… challenge.

With how prominent they are, it only seemed fitting to start with a chest exam. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed I was working with an unusually hairy chest on a woman. I would be surprised but, considering his size, it only makes sense that he would have large breasts as well.

I was excited to learn that they are unusually sensitive and I lost myself in testing the nerves with various devices. Thankfully I was wearing gloves the whole time. Even with the layer of protection over my hands I found myself using forceps to manipulate his fat while prodding nipples using tools more regularly used for dental work.

He responded actively and enthusiastically to my exploration and it seems like he miraculously doesn’t have any damage to the nerve endings. We should keep track of his progress with regular exams as he hopefully loses enough weight to have less expansive breasts. I find it hard to believe that he will have the will power to get to a more reasonable size, but that’s why we do what we do.

There are a few photos of me working through his fat and abusing his hard nipples below.

Check out the full clip here.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Deep Anal Fingering with a Hand Job

It’s no surprise to the viewers of my clips of patient 17 that he loves things up his tight asshole. I’ll admit I often enjoy pushing his limits to places where he goes from arousal to pain but to wrap up this appointment I gave him what he loves so much. Slipping a few fingers past his tight anus I pushed them deep into his rectum. As my gloved hand started to finger fuck him my other hand grasped his cock and started to massage his soft shaft. With fingers pushing up his ass and my hand squeezing his shaft in time to the thrusts it didn’t take long for his breathing to come fast as he became fully aroused. All this arousal didn’t stop me from reminding him how fat he was, how small and useless this little cock was and that he was only good for being ass fucked. He seemed to generally agree but that didn’t stop him from shooting his load onto his obese belly.

I love the visual in the photo below his obese body stretched out, my hand pressed between the fat of his buttocks fingers shoved deep as his erect cock manages to escape my hand as I push hard into his groin fat.

Full clip of the moment is here.

Fingers deep in my patient's ass while I jerk him off.

Fingers deep in my patient’s ass while I jerk him off.

New Chastity Cage Test Part 2 of 2

The first new chastity cage turned out to be a good fit for my patient’s small penis but this next one was perhaps a bit too large. Patient 17 was still strapped in place his breathing calm for the moment with the first cage removed wondering perhaps what was to come next. Gathering up the parts for the second cage I started repeating the process of maneuvering his scrotum and finally his limp cock through the cage retainer ring. Breathing picking up as my hands worked his soft sex organs he stayed relatively calm as I put the pieces of the cage together slipping his cock shaft into the cage and locking it in place. Unfortunately, this cage was about half an inch to long which considering how small my patient’s cock is was far too large. Not done yet the last piece of the cage was a long urethral insert nearly four times the length of the previous cage’s insert. Pushing it past the slit on the tip of his penis I started to slide the insert in but about half way in he started to quiver and it looked like this one simply would not fit his tight hole. After shifting it around a bit for a few more moments I decided it simply wouldn’t work and pulled the tube back out. Oh well this cage simply was not a fit in multiple ways.

The video is still a fun one to watch as I struggle to get all the soft organs and steel cage parts to come together.

The close-up photo of his caged cock is a fun one along with the full-length body shot with his arms chained above his head, gas mask in place and legs spread. You can download the full clip here.

Testing out the second new chastity cage

Testing out the second new chastity cage

Testing out the second new chastity cage

Testing out the second new chastity cage

New Chastity Cage Test Part 1 of 2

I enjoy testing out new types of chastity cages and finding ones that will fit patient 17’s shriveled penis is often a challenge. So when I find one that might fit him properly I always look forward to trying it. Once the patient was settled in with his legs spread and strapped in I got to work sitting down in front of his groin. While his cock is small he has a rather “fleshy” scrotum so it takes some maneuvering to get his balls through the retainer ring followed by squeezing his soft cock through. As you can hear in the clip my manipulations resulted in some groans and gasps escaping the gas masked patient but nothing too painful as far as I was concerned. Once in place I could slip the cock cage over his shaft and nudge its less than two inches in between the frame.

This cage is a pretty good fit. Once the cage was locked in place I started the fun process of sliding the urethral insert down his pee hole and screwing it into place. Even more fun was then screwing the insert in place slowing turning it inside his shaft so that is set in place firmly.

The photos below give you a pretty good view of his small shaft trapped in the cage not to mention his fat laden groin.

The full clip for your viewing pleasure is here.

New chastity cage test 1 of 2

New chastity cage test 1 of 2

New chastity cage test 1 of 2

New chastity cage test 1 of 2

Cum Swallowing Instructions

Over the years I’ve noticed that many of my male patients secretly desire to swallow cum. Sometimes it is their own cum other times they want the sensation of a cock in their mouth spewing someone else’s hot semen down their throat. I only have a few female patients and their desire or lack of desire for cum isn’t as intriguing as when my male patients desire it. Do you want to swallow some sour, salty stringy fluid? Do you want to swallow your own dripping from your hand after you’ve masturbated? Or do you want to drink it straight from someone else’s cock?

These are the things I discuss in this clip for your consideration here.

A vial of my patient's own cum as we discuss your desire to swallow it.

A vial of my patient’s own cum as we discuss your desire to swallow it.

JOI – Jerk Off Instructions

You’ve watched me time and again jerk off my patient’s small penis his eventual orgasm shooting cum up onto his fat belly. You’ve even watched a clip of my patient jerking himself off his tiny cock barely peeking out from his gloved hand as he squeezed and jerked until his milky semen dripped out. With all these hand jobs going on I thought I should take a moment and tell you how I would like YOU to jerk yourself off and squeeze out some of your hot white fluid. I’m going to assume you have a small penis though perhaps not as small as my patient. Or maybe you are more average in size? Or perhaps you have a large cock? Well regardless of size I hope you enjoy me telling you how to get off.

A fun photo here of me sitting on the exam table and the full clip here.

Explaining how I want you to jerk off for me

Explaining how I want you to jerk off for me

Getting Off at the Clinic

After a particularly intense appointment with my patient I found myself with a free hour before my next patient so I decided to relax and do something about my excitement from the appointment. And I thought I’d let you enjoy the moment with me so I turned on the exam room cameras then lay down on the exam table, spread my legs in the stirrups and started to massage my wet clit with a fun purple vibrator. It doesn’t take long before I want the head deep in my pussy pushing all the rights spots so that I can let lose a shivering orgasm.

I hope you enjoy the moment. I certainly did! A few photos below along with the link to the full clip here.

Enjoying a private moment in the clinic

Enjoying a private moment in the clinic


A close up of my wet lips for your viewing pleasure

A close up of my wet lips for your viewing pleasure

Patient Self-Catheterization

After making my patient film himself masturbating and saving his semen I decided I wanted him to film himself peeing but not in the “standard” way. No…I wanted him to put a catheter down into his bladder and film his urine flowing into a beaker. Now if you’ve ever put catheter into a man’s penis you know it takes a bit of coordination. Carefully holding the penis and sliding the soft rubber tube down their urethra. So, what about patient 17? Considering his obesity combined with that tiny penis how would he manage the required coordination? As you can see in the clip and the photos below he ended up using a pair of forceps to grasp his penis while he carefully slipped the catheter down his pee hole. As the catheter approached his bladder he managed to grasp the beaker with the same forceps and hold it in place while his golden urine flowed out of the tube. Not bad! Not sure he deserves a reward since he is being creative in response to his fat body but it is still a fun clip to watch as he struggles through the careful process.

Two photos below and a link to the full clip here.

With his tiny penis grasped in forceps the patient slips the catheter down his pee hole.

With his tiny penis grasped in forceps the patient slips the catheter down his pee hole.


The patient's urine flows through the catheter into the beaker.

The patient’s urine flows through the catheter into the beaker.

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