Articles for the Month of May 2017

Face Fucking Nurse Roxy

Nurse Emily and I decided to try something different to start off our patient’s appointment. We often talk about how he could never please us sexually and go out of our way to remind him of this. However, we realized that perhaps there was a way he might be of service. We recently added to the clinic inventory a wonderful gag called the “quick switch” system made by Scott Paul Designs. The system lets you swap in different attachments and for this procedure we attached a double-sided gag. One side was a small sphere that would be inside our patient’s mouth and the other side is a vac-u-lock attach point. To this we attached a reasonable sized dildo. Once in place it meant our patient could provide a form of “face fucking” service.

I realize our patient fantasizes about being able to pleasure a woman not to mention the desire to pleasure one of his nurses. The size of his cock combined with his obesity rules that out and neither of his nurses (us) would ever desire to try. This however would be different if all went well.

I took off my nurse’s coat and skirt leaving on the red thigh highs and my hat of course. Then it was my turn to be on the exam table with my legs spread wide in the cold metal stirrups. A little more exposed than I would normally allow but he didn’t get to see any of this as his hood and blindfold were already in place. Nurse Emily guided him to the roller stool and positioned him between my legs the tip of the dildo resting just above the opening of my pussy. Once he was in place Nurse Emily wrapped his arms around my legs and up onto my belly where we chained them in place. This kept him perfectly positioned.

I couldn’t really see his immense body as I gazed between my legs all I saw was his hooded head and the long black dildo jutting from his mouth. Perfect. That’s all I wanted to see if I was going to let him “fuck” me.

Nurse Emily dripped lube over my labia then rubbed some along the length of the dildo before positioning the tip at my opening. I listened to the sound of him breathing mostly through his nose with his mouth filled up by the ball gag, occasionally shifting and gasping a bit between his stretched lips.

“You want to fuck me. I know you do. This is the closest you are ever going to get. At least this way you have a properly sized cock and your fat body won’t get in the way”.

I heard his breathing increase as I talked to him. I knew he ached to push his head forward even if he couldn’t see my slightly spread lips I knew he was imagining them.
“Ok. Press forward slowly”.

He pressed his head forward the dildo briefly caught at the top of my opening before its lubricated length slid partially inside me. I felt him hesitate as he in turn felt the resistance of the dildo stretching my inner muscles.

“Keep pressing forward again…keep it slow”.

He shifted farther forward the dildo slipping deeper inside stretching me open and filling me up nicely. Before long we had a rhythm going as I told him how far to press, when to pull back, faster and slower. The sound of his breathing picked up as his excitement built I’m sure still imagining what it would be like to actually have his cock inside me or perhaps just wondering at the site of my slick lips spreading open each time he pushed forward. I was completely fine letting him continue to wonder.

Looking back over the images I do enjoy the visuals of my legs spread and his head plunging towards my groin and the dildo slipping inside me. The overhead images are great.

A few images below for your enjoyment and as always more in our gallery. But I hope you’ll take the opportunity to purchase the full clip from our Clips4sale studio here.

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