Articles for the Month of December 2016

Nurse Roxy Jerks off her Patient

After a long procedure filled appointment nurse Roxy decided to end the session on a kind note and jerk off patient 17’s small penis. I enjoyed standing by and watching someone else get hands on this way with my patient. Gloved hands dripping with lubricant nurse Roxy started to run her hands up and down his slowly growing shaft.

Fully erect his penis just barely peeked out from her grasping hand. As she squeezed his shaft I enjoyed talking to him and playing with his hard nipples. Reminding him of his obesity, talking about how much he wants a cock up his ass, telling him his cock was not big enough to penetrate a woman assuming one would ever agree to fuck him. Before long he was groaning and gasping out statements like “squeeze my tiny dick” and moments later his hot semen jetted from his cock up and over onto his massive belly.

At the very end of the clip the camera switches to the overhead view where you see nurse Roxy’s cum covered hand squeezing any last drops from his erect penis before it fades to black.

Photos below to preview what you can enjoy in the full clip which can be found here.

Nurse Roxy's hand starting to wrap around our patient's growing erection.

Nurse Roxy’s hand starting to wrap around our patient’s growing erection.

My First Forced Hydration Procedure

After the multitude of procedures that our patient has endured during this appointment nurse Emily and I felt it was important that we hydrated him before allowing him to leave the clinic. There are any number of ways to make sure the patient hydrates properly but being Deviants Clinic we prefer a more forceful and intense method.

The patient was still prone on the exam table with his legs strapped into the stirrups. Nurse Emily and I stood to either side of his head and removed the gas mask still leaving him hidden behind the leather hood. The only privacy he is ever allowed to have once he steps into the exam room. I instructed him to open his mouth so that I could start the process of sliding the thin tube down his throat and into his stomach. Knowing what was about to happen to him his jaw was quivering slightly as he opened his mouth. Looking down into the back of his throat I slid the tube past his lips and watched as is pressed into the back of his mouth and curved slipping now into his throat. Initially he did well but about half way through insertion he choked slightly but managed to get control of himself working to breathe through his nose.

Holding the tube in place I turned to the instrument table and picked up the large syringe filled with the green “special” fluid that would be injected directly into his stomach. The camera switches between several viewpoints one of which is a close-up of the patient’s hooded head where you can see his mouth quivering as he works to control his gag reflex and contemplates the somewhat unpleasant liquid that is now being injected. Granted he should be thankful to not have to taste the stuff (though he has in the past) but he is also enduring a tube being forced down his throat and then pulled back out.

With the syringe connected to the feeder tube nurse I slowly press the plunger down. Thanks to the special coloring of the fluid you can see it leave the syringe and making its way into the patient’s stomach. A bit of air remains in the syringe which is also injected to clear the tube of any remaining fluid. After a brief moment, I pull away the syringe and slide the tube out of our patient’s throat a final gasp escaping his body when the tube is free.

A few photos of the procedure are below for viewing along with the link to the full clip here.

Tube in place, syringe attached time to inject the fluid.

Tube in place, syringe attached time to inject the fluid.

You can see the fluid level decreasing as it is injected.

You can see the fluid level decreasing as it is injected.

CBT Penis Crushing with a Kali’s Teeth Clamp

For the last several procedures we have “pierced” our patient’s penis be it the penetration of his urethra by rods and rubber or spiked screws pressed into his soft shaft. For this procedure, we move from sharp and penetrating to crushing. A special Kali’s clamp with dozens of long dull tipped set screws piercing its metal ring would be wrapped around our patient’s small penis and locked in place.

Our patient’s fleshy groin remains exposed to us with his legs spread in the stirrups. I know he is tired having already undergone over half a dozen other procedures during this appointment. From buttocks beating and ass fucking to multiple penetrations of his small penis. But it is often during such moments of exhaustion that the most amazing surrender can occur both physically and emotionally. Our patient needs to surrender several physical and emotional blocks so I wasn’t about to lose such an opportunity.

The crushing ring is slipped over his flaccid penis with a retaining pin dropped in place keeping the ring shut. The screws are screwed in far enough to put gentle pressure on his shaft to help hold the ring in place. Its weight combined with his small size could result in the ring sliding off if the screws were not holding it in place along with the fat of his groin helping to cushion it.

Then begins the slow process of tightening dozens of screws not once but several times. Multiple passes over each screw each time turning it perhaps three or four times before moving on. It takes some time making it tedious but also a form of intense gradual cock torture. At several points in the clip I have sped up the video so that you don’t have to wait through the full process.

Over time the color of his shaft darkens from the pressure while at moments his immense body twitches. Sounds escape his gas mask as he struggles with the pain of his cock being pressed into a smaller and smaller space. Though in pain his shaft is also becoming engorged from the handling making the procedure that much more challenging for our patient.

With his shaft trapped and compressed nurse Roxy and me took a few moments to add to the intensity by pressing the sharp spikes of the Wartenberg wheel along his skin. As nurse Roxy took her turn I couldn’t help but reach forward and pinch the head of his penis.

Finishing the procedure consists of pulling the pin immediately releasing the tortured tiny shaft triggering a gasp of relief from our patient. The video does not pick it up well but his shaft is surrounded by little dots where the screws marked his flesh. The scene fades like the previous one with his small limp penis hanging down as if expressing his own exhaustion.

Some wonderful close-up photos are below along with the link to the procedure here.

Slowly crushing his penis between dozens of screws.

Slowly crushing his penis between dozens of screws.

Clamp in place, crushing pressure and now for some sharp probing.

Clamp in place, crushing pressure and now for some sharp probing.

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