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CBT Spiked Cock Ring with Urethral Insert

After expanding and abusing the interior of our patient’s penis nurse Roxy and I decided to balance the procedures out by focusing on the outside of our patient’s small shaft (for the most part). With him still strapped down and spread nurse Roxy efficiently wiped down his groin area with anti-bacterial wipes. A thick steel ring with its sides pierced by sharp screws is slipped over his small shaft with the ring a snug fit. The ring in place a urethral rod is slipped inside the penis and attached to the ring held in place by a set screw. POV gives you a great close view of this entire procedure.

With the urethral rod inserted the ring hold itself in place on the penis allowing nurse Roxy tobegin the process of tightening each of the spiked screws. Each turn a screw digs deeper into the patient’s shaft until six screws are tightened and pressing into his sensitive flesh. Brief jerks and quivers ripple through his immense body as the screws shift and push into his penis. Letting the weight of the ring pull downwards on the patient’s penis nurse Roxy begins to apply some more pain by running a wartenberg wheel up and down his shaft. As the spiked wheel presses against already pained flesh his body retracts against the table pulling away what little if can from the pain.

With the procedure complete the slow process of releasing the pressure of each spiked screw is undertaken followed by sliding the ring and urethral rod off his abused shaft. The last few frames of the clip show nurse Roxy slipping the device off his shaft and moving from view leaving his flaccid penis cradled in the fat of his groin and scrotum. It’s a great view not in the traditionally arousing manner but in the one of a body well abused and surrendered.

Some photos are below for your viewing pleasure along with the complete clip here.

Nurse Roxy tightening the screws into our patient's shaft.

Nurse Roxy tightening the screws into our patient’s shaft.

Our patient's small penis hanging down from the weight of the device digging into it

Our patient’s small penis hanging down from the weight of the device digging into it

Nurse Roxy’s First Urethral Sounding & Catheter

Up until now nurse Roxy has never had the opportunity to use a urethral sound on a patient nor the chance to place a catheter. So, I was doubly pleased not only for the chance to walk her through the procedures but to also capture her first time on video.

As appropriate for most procedures patient 17 was stretched out naked on the exam table with his legs strapped into the stirrups. His hood and gas mask were in place, the sound of his air feed a calming background noise as its coolness washed over his hidden face.

For any procedure that will penetrate the penis I always start with cleansing the patient’s groin with anti-bacterial wipes. And as for any procedure we are already gloved up. Once our patient’s groin was clean a dollop of lubricant was placed on his penis signaling nurse Roxy she could begin lowering the slender metal rod down into his urethra.

I grasped our patient’s small penis in one hand holding his shaft steady as nurse Roxy let the weight of the steel rod slide down into his urethra. While the movement of the rod is slow, the sensation is intense for the patient as he feels it slide into his body stretching his hole in a way urine never could. Encouraging nurse Roxy to explore she alternated pulling the rod out and pushing it gently back down his shaft. As the rod delved deeper the patient would occasionally gasp through his mask and his body would briefly quiver from the pressure.

Nurse Roxy slipped out the straight steel rod so I could hand her the longer curved rod its shaft lined with spheres. Slightly thicker and due to each sphere the pressure of it slipping down his tight hole caused groans to escape the patient’s hidden mouth.

There is a wonderful POV of nurse Roxy holding his slightly swollen penis in one hand while the other encourages the last few inches of the rod to press further down inside.

With his urethra stretched (and somewhat abused) it was time to drain his bladder. I unwrapped a sterile catheter handing the insertion time to nurse Roxy for her to start sliding down his pee hole. While not hard metal the catheter will delve deeper pressing past the bladder muscles holding back the patient’s urine. As the rubber shaft pressed past that final barrier he groaned from the intense ache quickly paralleled by his warm yellow fluid flowing from the open end of the catheter into a waiting beaker.

Close POV lets you see the fluid flowing out of the tube to gather in the bottom of the glass container. Apparently, our patient was not well hydrated as there wasn’t much fluid to retrieve. We might have to do something about that later in the appointment. Once his bladder appeared drained nurse Roxy began the process of withdrawing the long rubber shaft. As the rubber slipped up his urethra the pressure shifted, the ache of stretched and expanded muscles releasing triggering a relieved sounding groan from our patient.

A few close-up photos below along with the entire clip of the procedures located here.

A close up of nurse Roxy slipping a challenging sound down into our patient's urethra

A close up of nurse Roxy slipping a challenging sound down into our patient’s urethra

Pulling the catheter from the patient's bladder

Pulling the catheter from the patient’s bladder

Duo Strap-On Ass Fucking

After beating our patient’s massive buttocks until they shifted to a lovely red we left him in place strapped down and exposed so that we could seek out his tight asshole and fuck it. I started by sitting down face to face with his immensity, unable to see his tight hole hidden by the fat so I allowed my fingers to push past feeling their way towards his brown ring. After a few moments of exploring my gloved and lube covered fingers found their target and slipped inside him. His soft groans made it clear the brief pain of penetration was worth the resulting pleasure he felt. Gently fucking him with my fingers I was soon ready to shift to a rubber anal probe.

As my fingers slipped out of him his anus was once again hidden from view but nurse Roxy stepped in to pull his cheeks apart so that my probe could safely find his hole and push past his still tight sphincter muscles. While she held his flesh at bay I increased my pace thrusting the probe into his body forcing his muscles to give in to the penetration.

With his hole starting to loosen we moved to a “knuckle dildo” which is like a pair of brass knuckles but made of plastic with a dildo attached to them. Gripped in the fist it lets you “punch” forward with the dildo into your patient. Nurse Roxy settled onto the stool facing our patient’s ass and slipped her fingers into the grip pressing the dildo deep into his rectum. In a short time, she is punching the dildo into his ass in fast short plunges while he cries out as the dildo forces him open. After a brief pause to clean up and add lube nurse Roxy is plunging the dildo again even harder and faster while his barely muffled cries escape from the gas mask covering his face.

Leaving behind the rubber dildo we moved to a heavy stainless steel baton with large metal spheres each one bursting past his tight anus. As the first few push in “oh fuck” escapes from the mask as our patient struggles with the pain but we know he is also aroused. Each sphere is a physical “pop” as it slips past his sphincter usually followed by a gasp.

As I fuck him with the baton we agree we both want to slip into our strap-ons so we can properly fuck him. Nurse Roxy takes off her top and skirt so she can more easily utilize her strap-on. I love the view of the gorgeous nurse Roxy topless thrusting her hips forward slamming into his buttocks thrusting her dildo cock deep into his ass. The sound of her torso slapping his buttocks in time to his groans and moans of pleasure. Before long he is begging to be fucked crying out “oh yeah” again and again. “Fuck my fat ass”, “fuck me” are words I so love to hear from this fat patient as nurse Roxy opens him up.

A few fun photos below for your visual enjoyment and the full ass banging clip is here.

Nurse Roxy opening up our patient's tight hole.

Nurse Roxy opening up our patient’s tight hole.

Duo of Nurses Beating Patient’s Massive Ass

While I have spent time with nurse Roxy this was our first filmed duo. Prior to the duo nurse Roxy had a few solo appointments with patient 17 but we had not had a chance to debrief regarding her thoughts on him. Nurse Roxy had taken quite a bit of enjoyment in beating our patient’s grossly fat belly in one of her appointments so we decided to continue that theme. We started off with him kneeling spread legged on the table with his massive ass visible for all.

I’ve seen this angle of my patient many times but it was a first for nurse Roxy. She is clearly continuing to process just how morbidly obese our patient is. It is one thing to see someone fully clothed in passing who is of this size. But it is something totally different to see them completely naked and exposed in this manner when they are so obese.

Patient 17’s massive body is stretched out on the exam table face down with his legs spread and hanging off the edge. Heavy rubber restraint straps hold him down while his arms are stretched towards the top of the table and chained in place. As with most appointments he is hooded and wearing a gas mask.

He is a whale held in place, exposed, surrendered and at our mercy. The many camera angles let you appreciate his immensity and nakedness. While I am disgusted on some levels I am also aroused by what my patient’s obesity allows me to do to him both physically and mentally. I think nurse Roxy is discovering this for herself as well.

I decided to kick things off by selecting the small leather paddle that allows me to caress him with its soft side and beat him with the hard leather side. Each impact causes his flesh to burst forward against his body before settling back in place ready to be beaten again. It’s not long before Roxy is ready to take the paddle for herself and explore her patient in this new position. You can see her eyes roaming across his exposed buttocks as she strikes multiple times each blow echoing through his body.

Soon enough the heavy rubber slapper is brought out and applied to the patient’s buttocks. The sensation in my hand is very different than the paddle. The way the rubber flexes forward as I swing it and the sense of the impact moving up my arm as it smashes into his fat. The ripples through his body and the muffled gasps escaping from his hidden face are also different and greater with intensity.

We end with the rubber baton. The strikes to his buttocks the most intense of the appointment, hard enough to not only shift his entire body but to briefly tilt the table ever so slightly forward. Each blow jars up my arm while its impact explodes across his massive buttocks. Nurse Roxy appears to enjoy this instrument the most as she goes so far as to attempt several swings using both arms to bring immense force into her strike.

The camera angles, the views and intensity captured on this clip are amazing.

Here are a few fun photos from the appointment along with the full clip here.

Nurse Roxy swinging the baton smashing the patient's ass.

Nurse Roxy swinging the baton smashing the patient’s ass.

The impact of the rubber slapper across the patient's buttocks is captured in this shot.

The impact of the rubber slapper across the patient’s buttocks is captured in this shot.

My Patient’s Orgasm and My Contemplation

As my first appointment with patient 17 reached its close I found myself contemplating him and our future appointments. I have a few patients that I see on a regular basis but no one like him. Not to mention my appointments with patient 17 were being filmed and made available for the world to see and contemplate for themselves.

Doing these appointments means exposing not just my body to the world but my own desires and pleasures that I experience in doing these things to my patients. I’m fine with the world seeing me naked, I love my body and enjoy what I can do with it. But this also means letting the world see that I enjoy (and even become aroused by) humiliating, punishing, abusing and causing pain to this morbidly obese man with a small penis. And yes I realize that many others enjoy this as well (personally and professionally).

Granted it takes consent from him as well. The only privacy he is allowed is the hood but the rest of his massive body is on display for all to witness, ridicule and even relate to. Looking over what he has been put through so far I know that some of the procedures are activities he is aroused by whether he could admit it himself or not. I also know that many of the procedures are things he hated or was repulsed to experience but that it was up to Emily and myself to push him carefully into those spaces. He could always “tap out” but he wants to please us, wants to arouse US in what way he could. Wants us to desire him in this non-traditional dark way.

Watching what nurse Emily has accomplished so far with patient 17 the most powerful moments are when he cries out his darkest desires. Some would call them perverted, filthy or humiliating but isn’t that what we’re here to revel in? Those cries of desire are often followed by cries of acceptance and admission. Vocalizing how he sees himself or how he feels other see him. Some would call this a catharsis. I know that he does not want the world to see his body let alone his small penis. He actually is not an exhibitionist but it is part of his agreement with Deviants Clinic. He prefers to be privately humiliated and witnessed only by his nurse.

But this was the agreement and I want to push myself into new places. I want you the viewer to see me and see what I do to my patient. Which type of viewer are you? Do you want to be me the nurse humiliating and punishing patient 17? Or do you wish you were patient 17? Strapped down naked to the exam table while I do painful and humiliating things to you?

Patient 17 handled my first appointment with him quite well. I know he is deeply humiliated being so exposed to another strange nurse. I know he looked at my body and wished he could touch me, taste me not to mention fuck me I’m sure. And I know he would do and accept any number of humiliating, degrading and painful procedures from my hands with the hope that those same hands would be used to bring him pleasure. I know he would listen to my cruel words as I told him what I saw when I looked at him, told him what felt when I touched him. I was touch him mentally as well as physically.

Considering his performance so far with me I would end this appointment with a friendlier touch even though at the same time I would remind him of how small he was, that his dick would never penetrate me, could never. But as my gloved and lubricated hands wrapped around his tiny shaft that didn’t stop him from getting hard and begging me to make him cum over his fat belly. And in truth as I watched his white semen shoot out I felt my own wetness between my legs.

As you can see in the photos below I took off my nurse’s coat at the end of the appointment. The procedures had made me quite warm to say the least. No luck for patient 17 though as the lens in the gas mask are blacked out not that he would be able to see me over his bulging belly.

Enjoy the photos and I hope you enjoy the full clip here.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

Helping my patient get off.

Extreme Anal Abuse

Moving past the enlightening groin exam, I found myself having to get somewhat creative to gain access to my patient’s tight asshole. The mass of his buttocks kept his anus hidden from sight let alone any idea of access for my procedures. After attaching strips of duct tape to themselves, I stuck them my patient’s fleshy ass cheeks spreading them to the sides to fully examine my prize without the mass of fat in my way.
Once I had a good view of his exposed hole, I could get to work. Having the freedom to use both of my hands I found myself spending an extra-long time testing just how much I could stretch and abuse that previously tight sphincter.

Using my fingers to start the process of loosening his hole I soon moved to a stainless steel anal probe with consecutively larger spheres. In moments, I went from careful insertion to plunging the probe faster and faster as his body quivered and gasps (perhaps pain or maybe pleasure?) escaped from the gas mask covering my patient’s face. The sucking sound of the probe is both arousing and disgusting as its slick surface slides through his anus.

Several dozen thrusts later I found myself obsessed with stretching him farther and being sure those gasps were more from pain than pleasure. A larger metal probe was selected the spheres along its shaft more than twice the size of the previous probe. As this new probe pushed past his tight brown ring his covered head jerked back and he cried out though before long this probe too was plunging faster, each sphere popping past his weakening muscles.

Another probe was selected, plunged past exhausted muscles, his body now quivering and his breathing coming in short gasps when I moved to the “fuck baton”. A heavy black dildo over 10 inches in length and almost as wide as my wrist was now resting its tip against his abused asshole. I felt myself pushing forward, felt his hole resisting, almost begging me to retreat from this invasion of his dark filthy cavity. I was not going to retreat, as the probe started to slide in he begged me to hold his hand knowing this wasn’t going to stop. I reached out and grasped his hand but didn’t slow down, instead I sped up, the baton plunging past his surrender hole deep into his cavity repeatedly as he both begged for it and ached for it to end.

The photos from the session are insightful and intense as I look back on the appointment. The one showing his immense buttocks stretched to the side with duct tape to expose his asshole is so telling of his obesity.
This was my most intense moment with him so far. I hope you’ll enjoy the full clip here.

Duct tape is used to pull aside my patient's fat buttocks.

Duct tape is used to pull aside my patient’s fat buttocks.

With his asshole exposed I'm ready to plunge this heavy stainless probe deep inside him.

With his asshole exposed I’m ready to plunge this heavy stainless probe deep inside him.

First CBT with My New Patient

If I hadn’t paid so much attention to my patient’s belly during the last procedure, I might have overlooked the tiny prick almost entirely hidden by the fat of his groin. Something tells me that patients like this will eventually become typical for me but this level of obesity is beyond what I was expecting previously.

To keep his body from hiding the small dick from me during this procedure and to keep myself from having to touch it more often than I need needed to, I used a crushing clamp. It held the little organ in place with the added bonus of being more easy to manipulate.

I took my time exploring his responsiveness using forceps and an especially sharp dental probe to poke at his shaft and small head. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the patient was enjoying my prodding with the way that he swelled in the clamp. I enjoyed seeing his response to the pain but I also wanted to remind him of how small his organ was.

The photos below are fun shots from the session.  I like how the clamp pressed into the fat of his groin shows off that he dick might be almost average in size if you can get past the fat.  The camera peeking over my shoulder is a great angle with his semi-erect prick clamped and grasped in my forceps with his belly bulging in the background.  The overhead shot is somehow more intense…perhaps because of how it also highlights his obesity the sagging fat of his buttocks and thighs surrounding his groin as I grasp and pull at his dick.

I hope you’ll take the time to download the full clip here.

My patient's tiny prick clamped and trapped in my forceps.

My patient’s tiny prick clamped and trapped in my forceps.

May patient's tiny dick surrounded by his sagging flesh.

May patient’s tiny dick surrounded by his sagging flesh.


Belly Exam and Punishment

After examining Patient 17’s “male breasts” I found myself moving on to what is, without a doubt, the most prominent part of our obese patient: His fat overhanging belly. I started with some verbal initiative (abuse?) to hopefully penetrate his brain about how disgustingly obese he is. With such a fat body, I can’t imagine him ever being able to have any kind of physical intimacy especially when I looked over that belly bulge to see how tiny his prick was.

I realized that he would need a strong reminder of how horribly fat he is and decided that a series of electric shocks may begin to drive the point home. He twitched in pain with every jolt and I felt a rush of excitement seeing his fat belly quiver and shake with each touch of the prod.

To make sure that he remembered our session today and to drive home my words of disgust I picked out a leather paddle and heavy rubber slapper to increase the painful stimulation on his sizable belly in a way that would remind him every time he moved after the appointment.

I know from nurse Emily that patient 17 had experienced these devices used on his buttocks but never his belly. Each impact brought deep groans of pain from him. I paid close attention to his shaking belly and applied as many hard slaps as I felt he could handle through his humiliating layer of fat. This is the only way we’ll make any progress with an obesity case as difficult as his.

Wow this guy is obese!

A few photos below and the entire clip is here.

The heavy slapped smashes into his obese belly

The heavy slapped smashes into his obese belly

Trying to get the shock prod under that hanging belly

Trying to get the shock prod under that hanging belly

Hands on with my new patient for the first time!

I had never expected to have such a large and intriguing first patient. Nurse Emily has introduced me to working with actual patients already but there wasn’t anything that could have prepared me for such an immense… challenge.

With how prominent they are, it only seemed fitting to start with a chest exam. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed I was working with an unusually hairy chest on a woman. I would be surprised but, considering his size, it only makes sense that he would have large breasts as well.

I was excited to learn that they are unusually sensitive and I lost myself in testing the nerves with various devices. Thankfully I was wearing gloves the whole time. Even with the layer of protection over my hands I found myself using forceps to manipulate his fat while prodding nipples using tools more regularly used for dental work.

He responded actively and enthusiastically to my exploration and it seems like he miraculously doesn’t have any damage to the nerve endings. We should keep track of his progress with regular exams as he hopefully loses enough weight to have less expansive breasts. I find it hard to believe that he will have the will power to get to a more reasonable size, but that’s why we do what we do.

There are a few photos of me working through his fat and abusing his hard nipples below.

Check out the full clip here.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Hands on with my patient for the first time.

Deep Anal Fingering with a Hand Job

It’s no surprise to the viewers of my clips of patient 17 that he loves things up his tight asshole. I’ll admit I often enjoy pushing his limits to places where he goes from arousal to pain but to wrap up this appointment I gave him what he loves so much. Slipping a few fingers past his tight anus I pushed them deep into his rectum. As my gloved hand started to finger fuck him my other hand grasped his cock and started to massage his soft shaft. With fingers pushing up his ass and my hand squeezing his shaft in time to the thrusts it didn’t take long for his breathing to come fast as he became fully aroused. All this arousal didn’t stop me from reminding him how fat he was, how small and useless this little cock was and that he was only good for being ass fucked. He seemed to generally agree but that didn’t stop him from shooting his load onto his obese belly.

I love the visual in the photo below his obese body stretched out, my hand pressed between the fat of his buttocks fingers shoved deep as his erect cock manages to escape my hand as I push hard into his groin fat.

Full clip of the moment is here.

Fingers deep in my patient's ass while I jerk him off.

Fingers deep in my patient’s ass while I jerk him off.

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