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New Urethral Sound Testing

“Sounding” the process of sliding a steel rod down a patient’s urethra is one of my favorite procedures.  I am always keeping an eye out for a new type of sound that might introduce my patient’s to a new sensation beyond just the feeling of a cold metal rod sliding down the inside of their penis.  I picked up two such new sounds and couldn’t wait to try them out on patient 17 so that in turn you could see them as well.

For this procedure he is on his back again, hood and gas mask in place, air rushing in to the darkness behind the mask while his legs are spread wide strapped into the surgical stirrups.  The side camera gives you the usual good view of his massive body strapped in place, stomach bulging, tree limb legs spread so I can easily access his groin.

Before sliding my new toys down inside patient 17’s tiny cock I need to make sure he is clean so that I don’t introduce an injection.  As I clean off his small shaft he manages to get a little excited is normally miniscule penis actually growing a little such that it might almost fill my hand.  The overhead and rear view cameras give you a good view of me gently cleaning him as he lets out brief gasps from behind the gas mask.

With his penis clean I squeeze a large drop of surgical lubricant onto the top of his penis and start to slowly slide the first sound down inside his shaft.  This sound is just over 10 inches long with most of its length covered in smooth spheres.  With that length it slides down the his urethra and presses past the tight inner muscle of his bladder.  If the sound were hollow his hot urine would have come gushing out.  With the majority of its length in his body I start pushing and pulling it in and out essentially fucking his cock.  He groans and gasps his body shifting slightly from the discomfort and ache that is so unique and hard to explain deep inside his groin.

Next up a slightly shorter sound but with soft ridges instead of the smooth spheres.  Not quite enough to slip into his bladder but enough to cause that ache and arousal inside his groin as I fuck his engorged cock with it thrusting it in and sliding it out repeatedly.

Angles from the side, above , behind and up close give you all the wonderful view of me fucking my patient’s cock with the great urethral sounds.  A few photos below show you what you can expect from the video.

The video clip can be downloaded here.


Urethral sound sliding into patient 17's tiny cock.

Urethral sound sliding into patient 17’s tiny cock.

Punishment Round 2 Part 03 of 03

To finish off this appointment and final punishment procedure patient 17 is on his back on the exam table with his legs back in the stirrups.  Hood and gas mask in place his belly bulging from the compression of having his legs in the air strapped into the stirrups.

Pain and pleasure.  Pleasure and pain.  This procedure is one of my favorites because it is one of the best at blurring that line.  Grasping patient 17’s small flaccid penis I wrap a stainless steel set of Kali’s teeth around him and lock them in place.  Flaccid his penis barely peeks through the spiked steel ring so I have to be satisfied with massaging just the head of his penis.

Several dozen sharp spikes press into his soft penis, pressing harder and deeper as I massage his lubricant covered cock into an erection.  Before long a little over an inch is pushing through the steel ring but it is now fully engorged with the spike jabbing painfully into his flesh.

Soon enough he is begging for me to make him cum so his tiny cock will become flaccid again and the spikes will stop their painful pressure.

Urging him on and stroking his stubby shaft faster and faster he finally orgasms, his hot cum squirting into the air and with each release his penis shaft engorges the spikes digging even deeper in.  In each of those moments as he cums the spikes dig in.  Pain and pleasure at the exact same moment.  Wonderful!

The end of the video clip repeats his orgasm from several different angles so you can enjoy each view of his painful orgasm.

Three great photos below show his cum squirting into the air from different angles.

The full clip can be found here.

PID17APPT010P3_B03 PID17APPT010P3_B02

Kali's teeth orgasm semen squirting high

Kali’s teeth orgasm semen squirting high

Punishment Round 2 Part 02 of 03

Moving on from beating patient 17’s fat ass it was time to penetrate his tight hole.  I left him in the same position belly down, bound to the table, hidden behind the gas mask and legs spread to either side.  A quick adjustment of the table height and his asshole was just the right height for my strap on.  Not that you could see his tight hole hidden away between the fat of his buttocks.  But I’d found it before and I’d certainly find it again.

Patient 17 was still very aroused with the sounds of women fucking echoing through his head.  I knew very well that he loved being fucked in the ass but I also knew that he could only take so large a cock and he couldn’t handle it for long.  So for today’s procedure we would focus on duration.  I was kind enough to loosen him up a bit using the black rubber anal probe I nudged his brown hole repeatedly before thrusting it into his rectum increasing the pace and enjoying the sounds of his moans and the shifts of his body showing he craved more.

As for duration the goal here was 10 minutes.  10 minutes of me fucking his ass.  Non stop.  Slow.  Fast.  Soft. Hard.  10 minutes. With the timer set for 10 minutes we’re off and running.

Slipping into my harness with a reasonably sized black dildo I slipped it into his asshole as he gasped in pain and pleasure.  I grabbed the blue cargo strap so I could get a good thrust going.  I love the different angles, the view of his massive body shifting forward as my torso slams into his buttocks repeatedly.  I’m well built with my breasts hanging free and even they weren’t slapping around as much as his obese body was.

Before long he is begging to be fucked, begging his nurse to fuck his “fat ass” that’s when I think I was finally jiggling as much as he was.  As women gasp and moan in his ears he is gasping, groaning and begging me to fuck him in his fat ass.

As I keep thrusting I glance over at the timer to see how I’m doing…not too bad.  But we’re not done yet.  Time to grab the strap again and fuck him as he keeps begging and gasping “oh fuck” through the gas mask.

I love looking up at the overhead camera knowing you are looking down at me, my breasts and the glimpses of my dildo sliding into his asshole.

The timer beeps…his asshole is wide open now.  Time to slip out of my harness get something to drink and let him lay there gasping for breath while sex sounds still surround him trapped in his hood and gas mask strapped to the table.

A few photos for your viewing pleasure below and the link to the entire clip is here.


Fucking patient 17's massive ass.

Fucking patient 17’s massive ass.

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