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Punishment Procedures Part 1 of 3


This appointment started off with patient 17 weighing in so I could see how his weight loss was progressing.  As I watched the scale numbers settle into a final amount I was pleased to see he has lost some weight.  Not as much as I had desired but still a step in the right direction.  I decided to mix the procedures up a bit by punishing and rewarding him and maybe I could even blur the lines between the two states.

As always I had him strip down but before going any further I pushed Bluetooth earbuds into his ears followed by the hood and gas mask.  I pulled out my phone and selecting a special very long track just for this appointment.  Tapping the play icon and turning the volume up to max filled patient 17’s head with the sounds of women being fucked.  Their groans, gasps and cries of pleasure (and a bit of occasional pain) were non-stop and loud enough he couldn’t hear me.

As the soundtrack played I helped him position himself on the table belly down, buttocks raised and torso strapped in place.  I pulled his arms above his head to the top of the table and chained them in place.

Patient 17 does not like having his ass “spanked”.  Though in this case I didn’t spank him as much as I beat him with various instruments.  For this appointment I was going to push his limits with over 100 strikes to his massive buttocks one instrument after the other as the sounds of endless intercourse filled his mind.   It was clear as I started he was already turned on and excited by what he was hearing.  And as you can see in the video it doesn’t take long for his desire to be touched in any way possible to cause him to beg for more beating.   Getting him to that point of actually desiring the beating was a truly wonderful moment.  To hear him begging for it even though he doesn’t like it.   He ached for any touch even this.

With the different camera angles you can see his ass getting red not to mention the bounce of all his flesh moving in response to each strike of his rear.  If you look overhead you can also see his heart rate breaking 120 bpm which is fairly intense compared to his normal state.  The rearview camera angle shows just how obese this patient is from his immense buttocks to his massive thighs with his scrotum barely peeking out between his legs.  I enjoy pausing to stroke and tease his red flesh before returning to beating him again.

A few fun images below along with the link to where you can purchase the entire video here.

100 strikes to this patient's fat ass.

100 strikes to this patient’s fat ass.

A side view of this patient's beating.

A side view of this patient’s beating.

Orgasmic reward

After putting a few needles through patient 17’s penis I decided to reward him with an orgasm curtesy of my gloved hand.  With his large legs still strapped into the stirrups and his tiny penis presented before me I lubed him up and started to slowly massage his cock.  Granted this was a reward but I still took the opportunity to remind him how tiny and useless his penis was at least for fucking something.  It certainly worked fine for needles, urethral sounding, clamping and many other fun procedures.  And granted it worked well enough when encouraged to orgasm.  Patient 17 hadn’t experienced an orgasm in a while so enjoy the view of his cock gushing semen over my hand and onto his fat belly.

In the snapshot below you can see his cum dripping down his belly.  And you can find the entire clip for purchase here.

Giving patient 17 a hand job reward.

Giving patient 17 a hand job reward.

Penis Piercing

Another reason for shaving patient 17’s genitals at the beginning of this appointment was because I intended to see how he handled me putting a few needles through the shaft of his penis.  While I have received training on how to administer this procedure this would be my first solo attempt.  I was sure to let patient 17 know this of course.  Needless to say his heart rate went up a bit at this bit of information.

To be more specific regarding this procedure I would be placing two needles through the lose skin covering his penis not directly through the shaft itself so don’t get too excited.  Shaving the patient before this procedure helped to relax him (and on some levels me) before moving onto the piercing activity.

As we begin the procedure patient 17 is of course stretched out on the exam table, naked with his legs spread in the stirrups.  As always his head is covered in a hood, blindfolded and a gas mask is in place attached to an air hose.

Using antiseptic clothes I carefully wipe down his entire groin region with extra attention being paid to his tiny penis.  With fresh gloves I start to stretch his small shaft and the lose skin searching for the right spot to push a needle through.  Not too deep such that I might hit a nerve or vein.  I finally selected my spot and opened up a sterile piercing needle.  Not too big a gauge but he would certainly feel it.  Skin grasped between my fingers I pushed the needle quickly into and back out of his flesh as his massive body jerked in response his cry of pain escaping the gas mask.  I paused letting my heart rate (and his) come back down.  Patient 17 continued to gasp and groan a bit as he recovered from the pain.

I gently tapped and rubbed at the portion of flesh pushed up where the needle pierced his penis hearing the patient groan a bit in response.  Opening another needle package I selected a spot just below the first needle.  For this needle you get an overhead view as I push it through his shaft skin.  You can see his pelvis and legs jerk in response as the needle presses into his flesh and back out again.

After examining my work with the first two needles I decided perhaps this was as far as I would push patient 17 for this appointment and started the quick process of removing the needles.  Pulled out straight and fast there is a bit of pain but certainly nothing compared to when they go in.

There is a fun snapshot below of the needle pressed through his cock and of course a link here where you can download the entire clip is here.

Piercing patient 17's small penis.

Piercing patient 17’s small penis.

More Genital Shaving

Based on the appointment videos that you the viewers have purchased I will admit that not too many people appear to be interested in watching me shave patient 17’s genitals.  However I decided to go ahead and post another clip of this procedure to the site for the few that did seem to enjoy it.  Shaving his genitals is unlike any other procedure that I perform on him and in truth perhaps it’s not really a “procedure” as much as it is a form of intimate personal grooming.

I tend to perform this “grooming” at the beginning of an appointment as it helps me reconnect with patient 17’s body as well as helping him to relax and get into his own body since the process is gentle and relaxing while also being intimate and exposing for him.  At times during the process he will become slightly aroused which is normal considering someone is rubbing, grasping and moving his penis around while it is slick with soap.

So for those that do enjoy the visuals here is another clip of patient 17 having his genitals shaved.

A close-up of his slightly pudgy penis covered in soap is below along with a link to the entire clip here.

Shaving patient 17's genitals.

Shaving patient 17’s genitals.

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