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Nipple torture procedures

Looking back over my previous appointments with Patient 17 I realized that not many procedures had been done on his chest or nipples. Considering his size his chest region was far more like interacting with breasts which in some ways made it all the more interesting.  Granted during some appointments I’d explored the area in passing but after completing his hydration procedure I decided to devote some time to Patient 17’s “breasts”.

With him still naked and stretched out on the exam table I started by grasping, pulling, squeezing and kneading his chest treating them as the breasts that they were due to his obesity.  Next I focused in on his nipples.  I knew him well enough to know that his nipples are quite responsive easily becoming little engorged tips which meant the best thing to do was to apply some intense pressure there.  Using two small strong metal clothespins I placed one on each nipple.  As the first one bit in Patient 17 moaned and arched his covered head back in response to the pain.  The video offers nice close-ups where you can see how much of his nipple is compressed between the jaws of the clothespins.  The clothespins grip firmly enough that I was able to flick my fingers over them watching them bounce back and forth attached to his pinched nipples.

With his nipples now quite sore I attached nipple cylinders to each and with a hand pump sucked out the air stretching his nipples out to fill in the bottom of each cylinder now fully engorged.  Removing the cylinders I massaged (and pinched) his firm buds a bit before moving onto a more intimate and painful procedure.

Taking a pair of rubber tipped forceps I firmly grasped a nipple pulling it up a bit so that it couldn’t sink into the flesh ofh his breast.  With the nipple captured in the forceps I took a needle probe and jabbed at the nipple repeatedly.  Patient 17’s struggles, gasps and groans reached a new high for this appointment as I continued to poke at his entrapped nipple.

Not wanting to leave his other nipple out of the fun I repeated the procedure as Patient 17 continued to struggle trying to pull away from the jabs of pain being applied to his pinched nipple.

A few pictures are below for your viewing pleasure including a lovely close-up of one of his nipples gripped in the forceps as I poke at it.  And of course a link for to where you can purchase this part of the appointment is here.

Grasping at patient 17's fat chest more like breasts!

Grasping at patient 17’s fat chest more like breasts!

Patient 17's nipple captured in my forceps as I use a probe to test his pain response.

Patient 17’s nipple captured in my forceps as I use a probe to test his pain response.

Forced Hydration Procedure

Giving Patient 17 time to work on losing weight doesn’t mean he gets to stop seeing me for regular appointments.  In between his weigh in sessions I still expect to be able to use him for further exploration and experimentation.  Before starting the planned procedures for the appointment I decided Patient 17 needed some hydration.  Now I could hand him a glass or water but that certainly wouldn’t be in line with how things are down around the clinic.  Instead I have him strip the clothes off his fleshy body and stretch out naked on the table.  Masked, blindfolded and arms chained to the side of the table he is clearly getting nervous not knowing what is to come especially since I rarely bind his arms.

I take a catheter and spread some numbing agent on it to reduce a bit of the intensity but not by much.  Instructing him to open his mouth I slip the tube into his mouth and down his throat.  He gags and arches his head back as the tube continues to slide down farther and farther until just the orange tip is right at his lips.  As he struggles to remain calm and fight not to joke I take a large syringe filled “special” hydration fluid attach it to the end of the tube and inject it straight into his belly. As I start to pull the tube out he gagged and fluid still in the tube spills out over his mouth and face.  Free of the tube he breaths deeply trying to relax himself though as you can see from the overhead monitor his heart rate is still fairly high.

Two pictures below along with the link to the full video for purchase here.

Just the end of the tube sticking out of his mouth now.

Just the end of the tube sticking out of his mouth now.

Attaching the syringe getting ready to inject the fluid into his stomach.

Attaching the syringe getting ready to inject the fluid into his stomach.

Punishment Procedures Part 5 of 5

The final stage of this punishment appointment is to slip a long curved heavily ribbed urethral sound down my patient’s tiny cock and into his bladder.  Sounds are usually not painful as much as they are uncomfortable not to mention very intrusive making the patient feel intensely vulnerable.  However this particular insert is quite uncomfortable due to size, texture and the depth allowing it to push right into the bladder.  It is a slow careful process of pushing it through his tight urethra as he gasps occasionally from the pressure and ache that rushes through his groin.  Finally I get the entire length inside his body and past the sphincter muscles of his bladder.  Because the insert is solid no urine escapes but the ache of forcing its way into his bladder is intense pushing open the muscles that keep the bladder shut.  As sounding goes this type isn’t very fun.  Which in this case is the point of the process.  Thought for you the viewer there are some fun close-ups showing the long rod pressing its way down his tiny cock and into his body.

To finish things off (so to speak) I let patient 17 orgasm but in this case he will have to suck down his own cum. I slip a hollow insert with a long tube attached to it into his tiny and abused cock.  He knows the only way I’ll let him cum is if that tube is in his mouth so that when his hot cum shoots out he will suck it down like a straw and swallow.  His cock is barely getting erect so I only have to use two fingers to grasp it and jerk him while reminding him about his obese body and useless penis.  As he finally orgasms I slip the insert out and make sure he sucks down all his salty semen before letting the moment end.

A few pictures to tease your curiosity below and the link to where you can buy the entire video is here.

Jerking him off with two fingers while holding the tube in place.

Jerking him off with two fingers while holding the tube in place.

Jerking him off with two fingers while holding the tube in place.

Jerking him off with two fingers while holding the tube in place. You can see his cum starting to fill the tube just above my hands.

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