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Punishment Procedures Part 4 of 5

For this stage of punishments patient 17 is no longer on his stomach having returned to his more usual position with his legs spread wide in the stirrups exposing his genitals to my ministrations.  Granted from this view he is still clearly so fat but somehow I find it less disturbing though I can’t say for sure why.  Two more rounds of punishments remain for this appointment with patient 17.  While my initial desire is to push some needles through the flesh of his penis and scrotum for this punishment I need to save that for later.  With his legs strapped into the stirrups his fleshy scrotum and tiny penis await my attention as I sit down on the stool on front of them.  For this punishment it will be four clothespins to his penis and six to his scrotum.  These are tiny metal clothespins which have quite an intense grip.  Grasping his tiny cock I attach the first one to the lose skin of his shift which causes his groin and buttocks to contract while he lets out a gasp at the pain.  One down…three more to go.  I play with his dick searching for the right space.  Another gasp and quiver from his obese body as the second bites into his shaft.  Quickly I attach another right next to the second close now to the final one on his cock.  A fourth bites on and I move to his fleshy scrotum.  One after the other as his body quivers and he cries out each one biting in hard to his tender skin.  Ten metal clips adorn his groin which I cup between my hands and give it a shake before I start taking them off.  As each is removed the blood rushes back briefly as painful as when the clip was digging in.  Sometimes I think these clips are worse than needles.  The primary pain from the needle is over once it has pierced the flesh while the clips are a constant pain until removed.  I massage his scrotum as I remove clip after clip until his boy bits are bare of any metal again.

Here is a fun overhead visual along with the link to buy the appointment video.  Enjoy!

Jiggling his scrotum and tiny cock covered in clothespins.

Jiggling his scrotum and tiny cock covered in clothespins.

Punishment Procedures Part 3 of 5

With patient 17 still on his belly strapped to the exam table I started the next round of punishments.  This was the first time I’d penetrated him with him on his belly.  It was a different sensation both physically and mentally.  Physically it was different because without his legs spread wide in the stirrups when he was on his back there was simply more fat to push aside so I could find his anus and press my fingers in.  Mentally I found the visual of his fat disturbing…something I continued to ponder during the punishments with him on his stomach.  The physical and mental elements were only heightened when I switched to the black rubber anal probe and slipped it inside him.  The sensation of fucking a squirming, groaning, ponderous beast was intense.  For all that I still enjoyed slipping the probe into him faster and faster sometimes pushing aside his flesh so I could get a better look of it pressing inside.  The punishment plan called for me to thrust the probe into his tight asshole 40 times.  I knew patient 17 well enough to know that at around twenty thrusts the sensation went from erotic to intensely uncomfortable.  By the time I pushed the probe into his asshole the 20th time he was very ready for it to stop.  But the truth was I was just loosening him up.

As patient 17 let his breath slow and his body relax onto the exam table even while still strapped in place I slipped into a strap-on harness that had a fairly slender long and ridged dildo attached.  I love the first few moments of this piece from the overhead camera as I look up into it knowing that soon you the viewer will be looking back.

As with everything where patient 17 is on his belly for this appointment this was my first time fucking him this way.  With a blue strap around his massive hips I could grab onto it and thrust into him hard pushing past his fat. The sensation of my pelvis slapping into his huge ass was quite intense and arousing.  Not to mention the visual of all his fat thrusting forward as I am thrusting into him.  There are some wonderful visuals in the clip as I’m pulling on the strap and thrusting hard against his ass.  For this particular strap-on I’m only thrusting into him 50 times.  I’m fairly certain that real punishment for patient 17 would be closer to the 75 thrusts with this particular attachment.  I have a feeling we’ll get there in future appointments as I’m sure he won’t consistently lose weight, future opportunities will arise here.

The real punishment comes with the next strap-on.  This one is more than twice as thick as the previous dildo and made of a harder less forgiving rubber.  Its head is bulbous and will be a test just to push past his tight anus.  I rub lubricant along its length and press it forward against his brown little hole.  Slowly pressing forward he gasps as it stretches him wide.  His body arches as it finally slips past his anus.  As I shift forward I glance up at the camera getting ready for the fun of this punishment.  Short hard strokes my hands pressed against the top of his buttocks.  Quickly followed by harder and harder thrusts his flesh bouncing to my pelvis slamming into him.  Fifty thrusts come faster than I had expected but perhaps not quick enough for Patient 17.  He hovers between intense arousal at the fucking and slipping past into that place of punishment as the hard rubber cock opened him up relentlessly.  He knows that if this happens again it will be far more than 50 thrusts and that next time he will slip past arousal into a more challenging place.

Enjoy the visuals and here is the link to where you can buy the appointment video.

Pressing the anal probe past the patient's fat buttocks into his tight hole.

Pressing the anal probe past the patient’s fat buttocks into his tight hole.

The strap around his waist gives me perfect leverage to push deep into his asshole.

The strap around his waist gives me perfect leverage to push deep into his asshole.

Punishment Procedures Part 2 of 5

The second part of the punishment procedures finds Patient 17 laying on his stomach on the exam table with his huge ass on the edge of the table his legs spread and hanging off the end.  I certainly don’t find patient 17 physically attractive but this never stops me from actually becoming aroused when working with him.  My arousal comes from what I feel physically and emotionally when I’m getting to bring him pain and humiliation and even from moments when I let him feel pleasure.  Especially those moments when in the middle of an intense procedure he will call out begging for more.  This was put to the test though at the visual of him on his stomach strapped to the exam table with his legs spread.  His immense obesity highlighted by the size of his ass and the sagging flesh of his thighs.  The barest glimpse of his scrotum peeking out from the bottom and the slightly darker flesh of his anus trapped between the fat of his buttocks.

As with his breasts I start off this series of punishments by striking his buttocks with various instruments.  First up is the leather paddle.  Twenty strikes each one sending the fat hanging flesh of his ass dancing.  Once I got past the initial visual of his obesity I was able to enjoy the feeling of each instrument striking his buttocks again and again.  The sounds he would make as he gasped and cried out added to my own excitement and joy in hitting him repeatedly.

After the paddle it was time for the heavy rubber slapper.  My arousal jumped immensely after the first strike with this wonderful instrument.  The weight of it striking his flesh and the visual of not just his flesh being impacted but his entire body arching forwards from the impact and pain.  Twenty strikes was intense for both of us.  I think I almost had an orgasm from it god knows I was certainly dripping wet.  I’m not sure which camera angle I prefer for this particular instrument I’m torn between the overhead and the rear view.  You can see how red his ass it getting from the strikes.

But I wasn’t done yet.  Time to up the ante this time with a heavy rubber baton.  This impact instrument is truly brilliant.  The weight is perfect and the ribbed rubber is just hard enough.  The bounce of all his excess flesh is significant with this device his body arching forwards against the straps.  In between strikes I pause to run my hands his now red and flushed buttocks.

To wrap up the impact punishments I pull out the crop teasing his asshole with the tip, running it over his red ass before starting to strike him again and again going from the intense heavy impacts of the previous instruments to the sharp sting of the crop is a perfect finish.

Not that I’m done punishing him by any means.  For the next part of this appointment it will be time to fuck that tight asshole of his.

Here is a visual for you along with the link to where you can purchase the video of the appointment.

The rubber baton striking the patients immense ass.

The rubber baton striking the patients immense ass.

Punishment Procedures Part 1 of 5

Today’s appointment with patient 17 introduced the first in a series of special sessions.  The scale we have in the clinic was recently upgraded allowing me to get an accurate weight for patient 17.  With that information in hand I decided it was time for him to start losing weight.  Now here at the clinic we obviously are not qualified to tell patient 17 how to lose the weight.  For that he will need to go to the appropriate medical professionals.  However what we will do is reward or punish him depending on how he performs.

These special appointments will require patient 17 to weigh in.  At the same time he will stand naked in the exam room where we will take pictures of him.  And well…making him stand up naked and turn around as we take pictures does have a bit of humiliation to it which works for me.

If he doesn’t lose weight “punishment procedures” will be administered specific to his situation. For instance he greatly dislikes “impact play” (batons, floggers, crops, paddles, etc) so these will be introduced in ever increasing amounts should he not lose the weight.   The punishment procedure will be something that can be increased for each appointment; number of strikes, number of thrusts, size of dildo, number of ball stretching weights, etc.

As always these appointments will be recorded for your enjoyment and will introduce a few new viewpoints that should be fun to explore.  In between “weigh in” appointments we will continue other sessions and procedures for your viewing pleasure and of course patient 17’s benefit.

For the first session I will start at a baseline logging patient 17’s weight in at 435 pounds.  And while granted he has not had a chance to lose weight the punishment procedures administered today are meant to help him understand how much worse it can get.

After weighing him in and taking his pictures we started the procedures off in a new position which offers another view of just how obese patient 17 is.  Sitting on the edge of the exam table with his legs off the edge his huge belly bulges out obscuring his tiny penis.  Placing cuffs on his wrists I pulled his arms over his head and attach them to chains hanging down from the ceiling.  With his leather hood in place I add a blindfold and feel ready to start.

Sometimes patient 17 knows what is coming, other times not.  And sometimes even I don’t know.  I decide out the blue to change things up and drain his urine with him sitting there.  Reaching down to cleanse his tiny dick I add a drop of lube to the tip and quickly slide a catheter up inside him as he leans back gasping from the unexpected pressure of the long plastic tube sliding inside his penis and ultimately pushing into his bladder.  As the catheter presses against his bladder sphincter I place a urinal in front of the tube catching his hot urine as it sprays out.

The overhead view is fun while you certainly can’t see his penis past his belly you can see me sliding the catheter into him and hear the sound of his urine filling the urinal.  It’s a fun visual and sound.

Once he was drained it was time for the real punishments to begin.  It took a bit of effort but I was able to get a leather parachute around his scrotum.  Once it was snapped in place I attached its chains to a wire hanging from the ceiling.  You can see the end of the wire with a length of chain swinging gently next to his head.  Now for the fun.  One by one I attached a bright red lead weight to the wire.  As each weight is clipped in place the tension grows pulling his balls higher into the air turning them a nice purple.  You can see them stretched upwards in the bottom of the video frame.  Every once a while the view moves to the overhead camera where you can see the red balls swinging.

With four of these heavy balls in place pulling constantly at his scrotum its time to layer on the punishment.  First up a riding crop to his breasts and nipples.  For this round of punishments I start off with just twenty strikes nothing too intense but certainly enough to get his attention.  As I pause between swings of the crop I remind him of how fat he is.  Next up the leather paddle with soft fur on one side and hard leather on the other.  In this case another twenty quick swats to his breasts watching his flesh bounce with each impact and his head arch backwards in pain.

Before releasing him from this position I take a moment to step between his spread massive legs and grab at his tits and nipples pulling them hard rocking him forward once again reminding him of his obesity and that I don’t like my toys this fat.

Re-watching the footage I love the moment when I step to the side to organize some instruments and there is a visual of his ponderous body leaning backwards into the pain of his scrotum ever pulling upwards from the weight of the lovely red lead balls still gently swinging in the upper right corner of the video.

I start to release him and I know he believes that his punishment is finally over.  Hardly the case though.  We’re not even half way done.  More details in my next post.

Enjoy the preview images and here is the link to purchase part 1 of the punishment series videos for this appointment.

Those red lead balls are pulling at the wire which is attached to his scrotum hidden underneath is fat belly.

Those red lead balls are pulling at the wire which is attached to his scrotum hidden underneath is fat belly.

Overhead view of me grabbing at his breasts telling him how fat he is.

Overhead view of me grabbing at his breasts telling him how fat he is.

Fucking Machine Procedure

For this appointment I decided to be a little more “hands off” by letting a fucking machine abuse patient 17’s asshole for a while.  The overhead view of his legs spread wide, strapped into the stirrups with his small penis hanging down while the machine plunges its dildo into his fleshy ass is fantastic.  Not to mention the sound of the lubricated probe sliding in and out of his tight anus pushing open his sphincter repeatedly.  Watching the machine in action I know this will only be a taste of this procedure.  I’m already planning to let this machine fuck him wider and harder in a future appointment.  Patient 17 does well so at the end I push the machine aside so I can wrap a few fingers around his small penis, feel it grow in my hand and finally make him cum over his bulging belly.

Enjoy the images and here is the link to where you can purchase the appointment video.

Playing with his small penis while the machine fucks his asshole.

Playing with his small penis while the machine fucks his asshole.

Overhead view of the fucking machine plunging into patient 17's ass.

Overhead view of the fucking machine plunging into patient 17’s ass.

Strap-On with an Orgasm

Moving onto the final part of my appointment with patient 17 I decided to reward him after he did such a good job of cleaning up after himself.  And what patient 17 likes the most is having a cock in his ass which I am happy to provide though I admit I do at times like pushing his limits when it comes to trying larger and larger cocks.  But this time I wanted to give him a reward for his good behavior.  I left the oxygen mask off so that I could hear him clearly hoping that perhaps he would decide to be more vocal.  With his legs still strapped in the stirrups I slipped my ribbed lubed cock into his already abused asshole and grabbed that tiny cock of his in my hand.  After only a few strokes he started saying my name, “Come on Emily, come on…”.  Ok…so I’d rather he sticks with Nurse or Nurse Emily but in the heat of the moment I’ll roll with it.  I let my thrusts pick up speed shifting my hips forward faster pushing into the fat of his buttocks.  As the pace picked up he really started getting into the moment as “fuck my ass” escaped his lips followed by him asking me to talk to him.  Now I’m definitely starting to get wet.  My fat small dicked patient was finally admitting what he wanted and what he was.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  When he said “…my little dick” as I slammed into him I thought I was going to be the one to cum.

I’ll let you see the clip for yourself but personally I loved it!  The dialog between us was finally starting to open up as he admitted what he truly wanted and I was more than happy to go with it and tell him everything I thought about his fat ass, love of cocks and his tiny dick.  I love the view of me looking up into the overhead camera.  Between his weight and my thrusting hard into his ass the entire exam table is shaking and his huge belly is bouncing back and forth.  His dick may be small but it by no means limits the amount of cum that he can put out as evidenced in the clip by the overhead camera capturing his gushing semen covering my gloved hand.  Enjoy the clip!

Here are a few preview images and a link to where you can purchase the appointment video.

My dildo in his ass and my hand wrapped around his tiny penis.

My dildo in his ass and my hand wrapped around his tiny penis.

Black Probe Ass to Mouth

Moving to the second part of the appointment with patient 17’s asshole stretched open and after having him lick my fingers clean I wanted to up the game a bit with black rubber probe.  Based on his reaction to sucking the metal probe in the previous appointment I wanted to work on his oral skills. To spice things up a bit so neither of us would know how far to take things I added a random factor to the procedure.  Obviously role-play is a big part of working at Deviants Clinic so taking that a little more literally I rolled a 6 sided die to see how many times I was going to plunge the probe into his ass.  And the winner is…50!  I think I’m more the winner this time than his tight asshole.  The probe has wonderful rubber “bulbs” of graduated size small to large with a convenient finger hole at the bottom for easy thrusting.  I’d left the large rubber butt plug in place to keep him open while he was licking my gloved fingers.  He let out a gasp as I pulled out the plug followed by slipping the probe in quickly before his ass could close up.  I started thrusting the probe deeper and deeper into his body especially with the largest bulb causing him to groan and tense up.  A little more lube so I could pick up the pace and off we went.  I’m not sure what turned me on more the sound of his escalating groans and gasps of “oh fuck” or the sound of the wet probe sliding and in out of his ass faster and faster.

Once I’d had enough of fucking his ass I decided it was time to fuck his face with it.  I had hoped to get the entire probe in his mouth as with his ass but I couldn’t quite open him up enough.  Regardless he licked it clean before we finished the procedure.  More procedures were going to be needed to increase his oral skills.

A few preview images below and the link to where you can buy the entire appointment video.

Side view of me plunging the probe into the patient's ass.

Side view of me plunging the probe into the patient’s ass.

Working the filthy anal probe into his mouth.

Working the filthy anal probe into his mouth.

Rectal stretching with ass-to-mouth

Today’s appointment was to include some procedures I knew patient 17 enjoyed along with a few surprises I knew he would be extremely uncomfortable with.  Hood in place, strapped into the stirrups; legs spread wide exposing his genitals and fat covered anus and I’m ready to go.   Since I wanted him to clean his toys again I left the gas mask off using the easier to remove oxygen mask along with the standard hood and blindfold.  Most of my time was spent between his legs with a number of fingers pushed up inside his tight asshole.  Some of the views are fun especially the overhead camera where you can look down on his groin and see my fingers pressed into his ass.  I worked my way up to three fingers before I decided to give him an intense stretch and push in a large rubber butt plug.  It was far more unforgiving than my fingers so he let out quite the gasp as I forced it past his sphincter muscles.  Leaving him forcefully stretched open I moved up towards his head, slipped off the oxygen mask and made him lick my fingers clean.  Towards the end of the clip there is a fun close up of me holding his head down while I’m shoving my fingers into his mouth so he can suck and lick them clean of lubricant and filth.

Enjoy the preview images along with this link where you can purchase the entire appointment video clip.

Stretching patient 17's tight ass wide

Stretching patient 17’s tight ass wide

Forcing patient 17 to lick my fingers clean after they were just in his ass.

Forcing patient 17 to lick my fingers clean after they were just in his ass.

Strap-On Procedure

Continuing the appointment it is time to move to one of my favorite activities.  Strap-ons!  As far as I’m concerned considering the physical condition of patient 17 this is perhaps what he is best for.  Being fucked whether that is in the ass, down his pee-hole or in the mouth.  So after plunging a variety of dildos and probes up his ass it was time to move to the strap-on and put some proper motion in action.  I love both the physical sensation and the visual of my pelvis strapped up with a dildo slamming repeatedly into patient 17’s huge ass and down his tight asshole.

This clip has some great viewing angles starting from the overhead where you can look down on me as I strap up and slide the dildo into his anus.  Once the motion starts there is a front view where you can see me grasp his hands to give myself more leverage thrusting deeper into his ass.  I’m not sure what jiggled more my breasts or his belly.  It might be a tie.  There is a great rear view of me thrusting forward where you can see the excess flesh of his buttocks jiggling as much as his belly while my dildo slams into his tight hole.

This was also one of those moments where patient 17 really vocalized his desires begging to be fucked harder and admitting how much he loved to be fucked.

Soon enough it was time to up the size of the dildo.  But before that I wanted patient 17 to clean up the dildo I’d just been sliding into his asshole. Holding his head down I proceed to force the dildo into his mouth and down his throat again and again.  After a few thrusts he gets into it thrusting his head upwards.  Seems patient 17 might actually want some cock down mouth as much as his ass.  Something to test further in the future.

After that brief workout I want to be sure patient 17 is properly hydrated.  Slipping the metal butt plug into his ass to keep him open I pick up a baby bottle filled with special hydration fluid and force him to drink some down.  Its all organic to say the least and does not taste good.  Even with the bad taste it might help wash away the taste of having just sucked the previous dildo clean.

On goes the larger strapon and time to see if I can stretch that asshole wider before ending the appointment.  This dildo is almost twice the size in circumference so this will be a challenge I’m sure.  It takes a bit of work but soon enough the black dildo is deep inside and I’m off and thrusting.  I let him hold my hands again giving me purchase for deeper thrusts our bodies slamming together his bound to the table and mine slapping into his fat ass.  Look for some fun views of me glancing up at the camera above me as I’m shoving the cock up his ass.

A few images below for your viewing pleasure along with this link to where you can buy the entire appointment clip.

Hand on his fat thighs as I thrust my dildo into his tight asshole.

Hand on his fat thighs as I thrust my dildo into his tight asshole.

Forcing patient 17 suck down the fluid in the bottle while I pull on his tiny cock.

Forcing patient 17 suck down the fluid in the bottle while I pull on his tiny cock.

Overhead view of me fucking patient 17's asshole.

Overhead view of me fucking patient 17’s asshole.

Ass to Mouth Dildo

I decided to have a little fun with my outfit for this appointment.  A leather corset and fishnet tights leaving my breasts exposed for patient 17 to glance at several times as he took off his clothes and mounted the exam table.  Because of some of the planned procedures I put him in a simple hood, blindfold and an oxygen mask rather than the usual gas mask.  You’ll understand why later in the appointment.

With his legs spread in the stirrups I sat down between them on a stool giving me easy access to his genitals and especially in this case his tight asshole.  Gloved up I added some lubricant to my hands before pushing aside the excess flesh of his buttocks in search of his anus.  Glimpsing his dark ring I let my fingers run around the circle of flesh several times before slipping a single finger inside his rectum.  As my finger slipped in his huge body responded with a quiver and a groan escaped the oxygen mask.  Pushing one finger in and out of his ass several times I let another finger press past his tight hole and into his body as he continued to groan.  With two fingers inside I pressed deeper sliding them out a bit before pushing them back inside repeatedly each time forcing them past his tight hole opening him up.  As I felt him loosen up a third finger slipped up against the other two before pressing inside his asshole again.

The overhead view of this is great.  You can see his huge legs spread in the stirrups with his shaved cock and balls hanging down and my hand pressing into his ass.  Not to mention the view looking down onto my exposed breasts which I also happen to enjoy seeing in the video.

Based on patient 17’s response it is safe to assume he is an “anal slut” loving things put his ass.  While I certainly enjoy doing these types of procedures I also love playing with the mental element as well.  In this case it is reminding patient 17 that due to his obesity and tiny cock being fucked in the ass is about all he is good for.  The conflicting emotions of loving the penetration while also thinking about how little value he offers sexually is wonderful.

Once loosened up its time to plunge some hard rubber into patient 17’s asshole.  I start with a long rubber anal probe that consists of a series of gradually larger and larger bulbs.  He gasps as it slides in and before long with a little extra lubricant I’m plunging the entire length into his asshole faster and faster.  You can see the muscles in my arm tense up as I have to work a bit to plunge the probe faster and harder into his ass.  With the overhead shot it sometimes looks like my hand slips inside of him but it’s just the fat of his buttocks.  You can also hear the slurping sound of the probe slipping in and out of him with the excess lubricant.

Slipping out the rubber probe I lube up a large metal butt plug which I slide into his asshole as I want to keep him open while I prepare the next probe that I plan to fuck him with.  His groans are easily heard past the oxygen mask as the hard metal butt plugs forces him open giving him no break from the stretching sensations.

This time I select a metal anal probe that is covered in ridges and has a large bulbous head.  Lubed up I slide out the butt plug from his ass quickly moving to slide the probe into him before he can tighten up.  Patient 17 gasps as I work the large head of the probe past his still tight sphincter muscles.  Once in after a few gentle thrusts we are off and running my hand pressing forward plunging the probe past his anus.  Picking up speed and thrusting the probe repeatedly at times letting it slip out completely only to force it past his tight brown ring and back inside him.

As my arm grows tired from fucking his ass it’s time to really surprise patient 17.  He clearly enjoyed being fucked but now it’s to remind him of his place.  Getting up from the stool I slip around the stirrup and up to his head where I pull aside the oxygen mask and force him to lick the filthy metal probe that was just fucking his ass.  From sucking on the head of the probe to licking its shaft he needs to clean it off before I will fuck his ass again.  As I push the probe into his mouth I let one of his hands fondle my breast as he is caught between being aroused at touching me and humiliated while licking his own filth from the probe that was just being used to fuck him.

A few pictures from the video are below and here is the link where you can buy the entire clip.  Enjoy!

Overhead view of me fucking my patient with a black rubber anal probe.

Overhead view of me fucking my patient with a black rubber anal probe.

Another overhead view of me fucking my patient this time with a metal ribbed probe.

Another overhead view of me fucking my patient this time with a metal ribbed probe.

A full length view of me forcing my patient to lick the anal probe.

A full length view of me forcing my patient to lick the anal probe.

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